Life is too short. Period.

These simple words make me realize that we only have a short time to find what kind of life we want. For me, I make it simple; I want to do what I LOVE that can give me another source of happiness. And that is Photography. For me, every single picture that I take is a piece of art. I treat them individually like a painting, as a masterpiece. My background as an architectural designer helps me a lot with the composition, design aspects, colors, etc.

Photography has been my passion, especially since I had two beautiful daughters. I wish my eyes were constructed with built-in-Polaroid-kind-of-camera that can capture every single moment of their life, and I could treasure them in a vast 'server' in my heart, and I could play their slide show whenever I want, especially one day when they're both off to college....:')

And here, I want to help other parents to have their memory captured by my photographs, naturally. From the kids' genuine act, the casual family pictures, the kid's birthday party, or even their regular daily lives. It's amazing to see the simple thing from the past can make us do 'awwwwww' just by seeing it now.

I live in San Francisco Bay area with my husband Maulana and two children, Ratu, 23, and Kira, 15.